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学术交流 Academic Exchange
China, South Korea, Russia and Mongolia held a preliminary meeting for four-nation alliance of academic institutions
Date:2015-09-25 14:55:14    Source:Tumen River Branch of China Association of International Trade    His:780

  President Li Tie, leading a delegation to Russia Vladivostok from November 18th, 2014 to 19th, on behalf of the China Association of International Trade Tumen branch (Tumen International Cooperation Institute in Ji Lin ) was invited to attend the "Northeast Asia Trade Facilitation International Symposium" and the "Great Tumen Initiative (GTI) Academic Union institutions preliminary meeting" jointly organized by the Asia-Pacific United Nations Economic and Social Council and the Great Tumen Initiative the Secretariat. Li Tie president of the Chinese representative made a keynote speech at the conference. After the meeting, the delegation also visited some planned constructions of the primorsky krai and great-leap-forward development zones including "Russky Island" and Zarubino construction projects, and then met with the Deputy Mayor of Kazakhstan Sang district in an aim to learn more about Kazakhstan Sang district development planning and seek possibilities to cooperate and gather first-hand information for the next cooperation with Russia on the special research.

  In "Great Tumen Initiative" (GTI) Union institutions academic preliminary meeting, key members of the China Association of International Trade Branch of the Tumen River, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, the Mongolian Development Institute as well as the Academy of Russian foreign trade execution layer conducted a in-depth discussion about "academic institutions network Working plan (2014-2015)" and "the establishment of a network of academic institutions GTI memorandum of Understanding", drafted by Korean International economic Policy Institute, which was  authorized by GTI secretariat.

  Li Tie, on behalf of China, proposed changes, and the catalog to the General Assembly of "Tumen River Area Blue Book", the publication of which organized by China Association of International Trade Branch of the Tumen River, inviting Russia, Mongolia, and South Korea research institutions to be involved in book writing in the relevant chapter.

  The report submitted at the same time the promotion of the Tumen River in 2015 carrying out regional cooperation mechanism, China-Russia economic and social great-leap-forward development zones, Mongolia channel construction and other research, as well as "Tumen Jiang regional Blue Book "conference and the international Symposium on cooperation in the Tumen River scheduled to be held in April 2015.

  Preliminary meeting finalized: First, early 2015 Liaison meeting will be held among academic member institutions during the Great Tumen Initiative coordinators meeting, to consider the work plan to complete major progress, and further improve the content of "establishment of a network of academic institutions GTI Memorandum of Understanding" ; The second, signing ceremony of "GTI network of academic institutions to build and operate the Memorandum of Understanding" is to be held in May 2015 attended by primarily  responsible academic member institutions from four countries; Third is to develop during the sixteenth Ministerial Conference Coordination Committee network of these four countries’ academic institution first official Inaugural Congress in November 2015 was held in Seoul, Korea. In terms of the joint research, national academic member institutions submit a list of potential joint research topics before the end of 2014; January 2015 optimization potential research project to identify common research topics; China suggested to carry out joint research in March 2015; November it may form publish research reports results through seminars.

  In the "Northeast Asia Trade Facilitation International Symposium", experts of the China Association of International Trade Branch of the Tumen River, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, the Mongolian Development Institute and Russian Foreign Trade Research Institute introduced their country’s specific practices and the latest research results in the Tumen region in the field of trade facilitation. Li Tie made a keynote speech "Enhance Regional pragmatic cooperation, enhance the level of GTI trade facilitation", expounded China's policies in promoting trade facilitation in Northeast Asia, especially channel construction, port and trade facilitation initiative and made practical recommendations to promote economic and trade cooperation between the GTI member countries.