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Tourism cooperation in Tumen River drainage area will be an important research orientation for the four countries’ academic institution network in the future
Date:2015-09-25 15:00:59    Source:Tumen River Branch of China Association of International Trade    His:719


  President Litie addressed at the preparatory meeting of the United Nations Development Programme and the GTI member countries’ 8th tourism committee

  To promote regional tourism cooperation process in Northeast Asia and the Greater Northeast region, accelerate the construction process of making the four provinces in northeastern China an internationally famous tourist destination, from May 7 to 10, the UNDP Tumen Secretariat held the preparatory meeting of the United Nations Development Programme and the member countries’ 8th tourism committee in Shenyang and Yingkou Bayuquan and multi-destination tourism product contest. Vice Governor of Liaoning Province Bing Zhigang, deputy director of China National Tourism Administration Wu wenxue, member of the specialist panel of regional cooperation and development in Tumen River drainage area, vice president of the China Association of International Trade Li tie and some leaders attended the opening ceremony. UNDP senior officials Mrs Samantha Anderson;observers from member countries including China, South Korea, Russia, Mongolia , Travel agency officials and representatives from Japan and other countries; international official representatives on behalf of the German International Cooperation Agency Project; Ambassadors from Mongolia States Embassy, consul-generals from Russia, South Korea and Japan's consulate in Shenyang; main leaders of Regional Tourism Bureau from provinces including Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia Autonomous region and leaders of local principle cities;famous travel agents and the general manager of famous organizations, general manager of cities Tourism Bureau in Liaoning Province; representatives of listed projects and activities’s toutism products, and representatives from mainstream news media , which totaled 100 people,had attend the preparatory meeting.

  In his speech, President Li expressed that the cooperation in the Tumen River drainage area has been extended to four provinces in northeast China, the four provinces in eastern Mongolia, South Korea and cities in Russia’s coastal border region. The road map of the “ one belt and one road” released by China recently plans to open the window to the north in four provinces in northeast China and this will also open the stratigical prelude to encompass the regional cooperation in Tumen River drainage area in the construction process of  “ one belt and one road”.The development of regional cooperation in the Tumen River ushered in new opportunities, and it mainly focused on the cooperation in economic and trade, which lay more stress on service industry. Meanwhile, tourism is the most active part in service trade area and thus among the research delivered by the network of four countries’ academic institutions ,the regional tourism cooperation in Tumen River drainage area is the focus of research and objects.