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Four academic research institutions compiled Two Decades of the Tumen River
Date:2015-09-25 15:11:32    Source:Tumen River Branch of China Association of International Trade    His:744

  In order to make a complete record of the history of coordination and development in Tumen River drainage area, deliver a systematic conclusion of the lessons gained in the process of regional cooperation and carry a deep research about the historical opportunities and developing trend brought by the regional cooperation process after the transfomation of the Great Tumen Initiative( GTI) into an independent inter-governmental organization, the sole leading department of academic research of the Great Tumen Intiative ----the Tumen branch of China’s international trade association (Jilin Tumen River international cooperation association), together with the panel group of the regional cooperation and development in Tumen drainage area, The Secretariat of GTI, and the members of the four countries’ academic institution network, to publish Two Decades of the Tumen River.

  The book consists of nine parts,the six part---- visions on national level, compiled and drafted  the four country academic research institution, including the participation of member country in regional cooperation in the Tumen River, their willingness for regional cooperation,and made a expectation on the new functions of the cooperative mechanism after its upgrade and transformation.

  Two Decades of the Tumen River will become the early period fruition of the four countries’ academic research, and will be recommended as the reference materials in ministerial level during the 16th GTI ‘s Consultative Committee Confenence.