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中国国际贸易学会图们江分会 Tumen River Branch of China Association of International Trade

  Tumen Branch of China Association of International Trade (also known as Jilin Province Tumen River International Cooperation Institute) was founded in early 2013 under the approval of Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. It is the only community organization and professional think tank in China that conducts researches on cooperation and development of Tumen River Region. For more than 2 years after its establishment, Tumen Branch of China Association of International Trade (hereafter as Tumen Branch) has always taken it as its purpose to “innovate research, assist decision-making, broaden platform and lead cooperation”, thus, it has actively conducted researches on the significant theories and practical issues concerning cooperation in Tumen River Region and has acquired a series of research findings that contained tremendous theoretical and practical values. Tumen Branch has provided important reference for national and local governments to make policies for the international cooperation in Tumen River Region, as well as consultancy and advice for numerous Chinese enterprises and institutions participating in cooperation in Tumen River Region. Tumen Branch has made active efforts to promote the international cooperation in the region.

  Strengthening the building of academic faculty was made the basic duty of Tumen Branch: through holding conferences and forums, conducting researches on academic subjects, promoting construction of research base, as well as compiling and publishing books, Tumen Branch has practically intensified its internal impetus and attraction, drawing the attention of China’s political, academic and business circles, and has become the platform for communication and cooperation among professionals who have long been engaged in researches on Northeast Asia and in cooperation in Tumen River Region. Presently, there are over 420 directors in Tumen Branch, among which there are 62 executive directors, 18 enterprise directors, 12 development zone directors, 90 economic and trade directors as well as over 240 academic directors. Academic directors all come from the renowned higher institutions and scientific and technological institutes in China, including Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, Ocean University of China, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Liaoning University, Heilongjiang University, Inner Mongolia University, Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C, Yanbian University, Jilin University of Finance and Economics, Changchun University, Dalian University, etc.

  In 2013, Tumen Branch undertook the building of 2 Provincial Key Research Bases of Social Sciences-Northeast Asia (Tumen River) International Cooperation Research Base and Northeast Asia International Language and Culture Research Base. In September 2014, on the 15th Ministerial Meeting of Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI), China Association of International Trade became China’s leading academic unit for the GTI Research Institutes Network formed by China, Russia, Korea and Mongolia; Tumen Branch was designated by Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs of Ministry of Commerce and China Association of International Trade to take the full responsibility as the academic leading unit on the part of China, thus, China Association of international trade was made more international and professional.