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俄罗斯对外贸易研究院 Russian Foreign Trade Academy

  Founded in 1931, Russian Institute of Foreign Trade is affiliated to Russian Ministry of Economic Development, which gives prominence to nurture professional talents mainly engaged in international trade and economy. In the past over 80 years, Russian Institute of Foreign Trade has cultivated a multitude of cadres who are proficient in International Business and Economics, which makes great contributions to our country in fostering qualified people and making policies closely relative to foreign economy. Until now, we have educated more than 20,000 graduates in total. Therefore, a majority of them are vigorously committed to Russian international business.

  Institute of Foreign Trade possesses a large number of experienced and profound teachers who are apt at practice, teaching and scientific research and are engaged in studying on international trade issues, laws and regulations and Russian foreign economic policies, and also establishes cooperation with foreign institutions. There is one dean and 4 assistant deans. The dean, Economics Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) and professor, is Синелиников Мулылев. Institute of Foreign Trade establishes specialized courses such as humanity and social sciences, world and national economy, international and foreign trade, foreign trade processing technology, finance and foreign exchange, digital information, international business English and etc, and host the Journal “Russian Foreign Economic Information”.

  For the purpose of expanding international economic tie, Russian Institute of Foreign Trade have set up Russian Far East Branch through the investigation of the Far East Area, which is dedicated to cultivating professional talents primarily employed in international trade and economy in 1994. In the past 20 years, the Russian Far East Branch have fostered altogether 3500 graduates who are occupied in international trade and economy both at home and abroad, and now establishes six departments and more than 60 experienced and knowledgable teachers and professors.