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韩国对外经济政策研究院 Korea Institute for International Economic Policy

  Founded in 1990, South Korean Institute of Foreign Economic Policy is sponsored by government and is in a leading position in studying international economy and South Korean foreign economic policies. Institute of Foreign Economic Policy, as the information database of South Korean international economy, provides pertinent economic policies and suggestions for South Korean government. In addition, it also engages in scientific research projects commissioned by other economic institutions in or out of the border of South Korea.

  South Korean Institute of Foreign Economic Policy set up its representative office in Beijing, so it can timely provide important information about China’s economic development for their government. Except for the study of economy and trade, South Korean Institute of Foreign Economic Policy closely cooperates with American economic institutions and also strengthens the comprehensive US-Korea services. The South Korean government has appointed Institute of Foreign Economic Policy as the research center of South Korean international cooperation and development and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Meanwhile, the Institute of Foreign Economic Policy keeps in frequent contact with world-famous economists and business personages.

  All the time, the strengthening of various international cooperation assists the Institute of Foreign Economic Policy in better comprehending the world economic events. The institute does its utmost to build a broad and close communication network together with world leading institutions through the joint cooperation projects.

  It has been an inalienable part of world economy along with the accelerated development of the Asian economy. Resources-sharing in the field of economic researches will be standardized as model, so the Institute of Foreign Economic Policy is instinct with confidence in extensive win-win cooperation.