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蒙古国开发研究院 National Development Institute of Mongolia

  Established in 1999 by Mongolia government, Mongolia Development Institute is affiliated with Mongolian Academy of Sciences, which is aimed at researching and establishing the theoretical basis on the Mongolian social and economic sustainable development. Mongolia Development Institute offers government with intellectual support for policy-making, develops social economy, improves people’s life standards, builds a safe and stable national environment and boosts national prosperity by means of high-quality scientific research achievements and policy analysis. In 2006, the research activities of the Mongolia Development Institute begins to accept the direct supervision and guidance from Mongolian President Office and Mongolian Academy of Sciences after the newly-established Mongolian government. Mongolia Development Institute releases about 15 policy recommendations and suggestions every year. In 2014, Mongolia Development Institute submitted 11 policy recommendations and suggestions about social and economic development. It has accumulated rich experience in scientific research since its founding 15years ago, and establishes the publication “Mongolia Development Research” published a large number of scientific research achievements and also is the crucial source of information of national policy-maker, politicians and research institutions both at home and abroad. Besides, Mongolia Development Institute also maintains close and long-term cooperation with domestic and overseas partners and research institutions.