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大图们倡议 Greater Tumen Initiative

Brief Introduction of “The United Tumen Area Project ”

  “The United Tumen Area Project ” is the core cooperative mechanism for governments in different countries.It is deprived from a development project initially sponsored by UNDP.Its original member includes China, Russia, Mongolia  North Korea, South Korea. In 2009,due to the North Korea nuclear test affair,North Korea was forced to quit this project.

  “The United Tumen Area Project ” is a Sub-regional cooperation mechanism which requires not the whole country but specific cities to participate in this project.

  This project has gone through three stages: 

  1995-2005: UNDP proposed this project and sponsored it.

  2005-2015: Member counties started to focus on this project to expand this cooperation. 

   The organizational structure of “The United Tumen Area Project ”:The decision-making body is the intergovernmental conference committee - the ministerial conference. Every country takes turns to take Presidency. In China,Commerce Department plays the leading role.Under the ministerial conference, there is national coordinator in the form of “senior officials meeting”. The administrative body of this project is the secretariat which is located in Beijing.

  Under the secretariat, there are several organizations in the cooperative sphere of transportation, tourism, trade facilitation, energy, environment, local governments cooperation committee, with the access to Bank unions, Chambers of commerce association of cooperation and academic institutions alliance in all four counties.