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Integrated part number: 0431-88906293
Research Department : 0431-88906294
Journal of 0431-88906294
Cooperative: 0431-88787631
Legal Services Department: 0431-88906292
Book subscription hotline: 0431-88906293
Address: No. 1, provincial government building,
No. 1485, No., Jilin City, Changchun province.
Zip code: 130051
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Comprehensive Department

Contact number:0086+0431-88906293

Research Department

Contact number:0086+0431-88906294

Periodical Department

Contact number:0086+0431-88906294

Cooperation Department

Contact number:0086+0431-88787631

Law and Service Department

Contact number:0086+0431-88906292


Address:Jilin Provincial Governmental Integrated Building, first floor No. 1485 Renmin Street, Changchun City ,Jilin province, China